The Ultimate Guide To Fats

Know your Fats! This infographic is a breakdown of the most common fats and oils in our diet! = Healthy, good to use in cooking and consume! = Okay in moderation with nuance = Avoid in cooking and limit consumption due to high polyunsaturated fatty acids, trans-fats, pesticides and toxins (Special mention goes to Canola […]

BPC-157 – What is it?

BPC-157 “The Wolverine Peptide” Other names: Pentadecapeptide, Body Protection Compound, Body Protection Complex. PL14736, PL-10, Bepecin. Actions: Accelerates Healing, Analgesic, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Anastomotic, Angiogenesis/Blood Vessel Growth, Bone and Joint Health, Brain Health, Burn Healing, Healing Gastric Ulcers, Hepatoprotective, Immune System Modulation, Intestinal Epithelium Restorative, Neuroprotective, Neurotransmitter Modulation, Neuroplasticity, Nitric Oxide Generation, Nootropic, Tight junction Repair, Reflux, Wound […]