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Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes, BPC-157 Works Orally. LVLUP Health uses the BPC-Arginine form which has a very high bioavailability.

All forms of BPC work orally but with varying efficacy and bioavailability; Acetate and Sodium.

See the table below for a detailed breakdown.


The BPC157 Peptides we use are made locally using amino acid sequencing in Melbourne, Victoria Australia.

It depends on your reasons for taking it.

However, for most people 1 – 2 months should be long enough to notice significant improvement.

Peptides work best cycled so it’s best to take occasional breaks from the product, as to not down regulate growth pathways and receptors.

Peptides are very expensive to produce as the machines and equipment required to make them are well in excess of $1 million dollars. For reference; BPC-157 as a raw ingredient is approximately 18x the price of gold.

Yes we do, we use EMS or DHL Express. Most international parcels arrive within 1 month of postage and you will be provided with your tracking number.

Within Australia, domestic express post usually takes 2-7days. Most International parcels usually arrive within a month. Customers will be provided with tracking numbers for all orders.

This depends really on your baseline level of health and what purpose you have for taking the products; most people should notice benefits within the first two months.


That being said many people do start feeling improvement much sooner than this. It is really dependent on the person.

The serving suggesting is a good baseline but this is a tricky question to answer and it depends on a lot of factors. We recommend you work with a practitioner, such as one of the ones we have on our site, to work out the appropriate dosage specifically for you!

Away from food is optimal but not 100% necessary. Most people take the products at nighttime as night is when the body does most of it’s healing, however taking them in the morning can allow you to ‘feel’ the benefits of the products a lot more.

We do, please read our Returns and Exchange page for details.