Ultimate GI Repair

A SYNERGISTIC combination of BPC-157, Larazotide Acetate, Zinc Caronsine, Quercetin and Tributyrin to create a one of the most powerful gastrointestinal healing products on the market.





A SYNERGISTIC combination of BPC-157, Larazotide Acetate, Zinc
Caronsine, Quercetin and Tributyrin to create a one of the most powerful gastrointestinal healing products on the market.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules; 30 Serves.
Legal Disclaimer:

*This product is intended for research purposes only. All product
information available on the website is for educational purposes only.
Bodily introduction of any kind into humans is done at the person’s own
risk, and LVLUP Health assumes no responsibility for health outcomes,
good or bad that may result from ingestion or use. Use should be
supervised by a qualified healthcare professional.



- Enhances injury and wound recovery

- Heals the Gastro-Intestinal (GI) tract

- Stimulates blood vessel formation (angiogenesis)

- Upregulates Growth Hormone Receptors

- Enhances collagen production and formation

- Anti-Inflammatory

- Cytoprotective

- Modulates Nitric Oxide (NO)

- Reduces Neuroinflammation


- Zonulin Antagonist

- Decreases intestinal permeability.

- Prevents Tight Junction breakdown/disassembly

- The “Anti-Coeliac” peptide

- Reduces food sensitivity

- Immune Modulating

- Immune Modulating Reduces

- Reduces Neuroinflammation

Zinc L-Carnosine

- Anti-inflammatory/Antioxidant

- Accelerates gastrointestinal wound healing

- Anti-Ulcer

- Stimulate mucus production

- Maintains gastric mucosal barrier integrity.

- Reduces intestinal hyper-permeability

- Cytoprotective

- Stabilises mast cells (Antihistamine)


- Helps with Allergies

- Blocks mast cells degranulation (Antihistamine)

- “Seals” the tight junction GI barrier

- Anti-Inflammatory/ Anti- Oxidant

- Cytoprotective

- May support heart health

- Immune Modulating

- Hepatoprotective (helps the liver)


- Modulates Nitric Oxide (NO)

- Anti- Inflammatory

- Cytoprotective

- Upregulates Growth Hormone Receptors

- Reduces Neuro-inflammation

- Immune Modulating

- Stimulates Angiogenesis


Take one capsule twice daily with food or as directed by health professional. Do NOT take on an empty stomach. High dose zinc may cause stomach upset, nasaea or vomiting when taken away from food.



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